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Palm pilots and linux

I swear that its easier to link my palm up to my linux operating system than my windows opperating system. Admittedly I am running an outdated windows 98 because I refuse to pay microsoft any more money than I have already forked out. In windows 98 I still cannot get my contacts to sychronise and the whole thing crashes after every few hotsyncs.

There are a few options when connecting your palm to linux. You can mount it as a usb device, you can use kpilot or you can use g-pilot-conduites. Mounting it as a usb device is undoubtably the easiest and most straitforward but I like how g-pilot synchronises with e... I still cannot get kpilot to speak to my hand held properly.

I have a few bugs still to iron out of these synchronisation devices as when I was testing them all out I ended up with multiple copies of all my contacts in my addressbook and it took me ages to delete all the extra ones!