linux for blondes



Sheep e_module Version 1.0 

Terrible news for all of you who love the eSheep - the enlightenment graphical libraries  have dramatically changed recently and so my eSheep no longer works! 

Fortunately there is an alternative - I have made a theme set for xpenguins which works in a variety of desktop environments.

BTW - the eSheep will be fixed eventually when I have time but if anyone wants to help me out ... 


The e_modules were a wonderfully easy and useful way to make applications such as this and the sheep is developing rapidly. Currently he walks accross the screen, disappears off the side and reappears at a random height at the other side to walk across again. I have spent rather a while working out the dynamics of how a sheep walks (argh) and (once I draw a few more sheep pictures) she will have quite a convincing walk. I'm very pleased with the initial images I have drawn.

This sheep uses evas, edje, an edc theme file, timers, tweens (and grass).

To do list for future versions:

  • Turning round at the other side of the screen sometimes and walking straight off other times.
  • Exploding sheep
  • Alternative graphics (fish, balls, mice ....)
  • Board sheep when the computer is idle for too long
  • etc etc!