linux for blondes

Starting using comand prompts

So you want to know where to start to use all these cool comands. First you will need a terminal.

In films terminals are those black things which people type things into and then the computer does stuff. In real life they can be any shape or size or color but it is indeed as simple as you type in your comand, press return and the computer interprets and performs the task you have asked.

I use eterm but there is also gnome-terminal, x-terminal and others. I start them by clicking on them in my menus or on my icon tool bar.

Once you start up your terminal you will be faced with a "comand prompt". This might look something like this:

[/michelle/home] $

(clever people can make it look like what every they want it to look like tho and mine tells me the time and date and is pink!)

What this comand prompt is basically saying is TYPE HERE! Try typing a comand in and see what happens (a good one to start with is ls but stear clear of rm for now and never EVER use rm -r unless you really, really know what you are doing!)

The comand prompt above is currently looking at the folder home in the folder michelle but you can change this with the cd comand such as in the example below.

[/michelle/home]$ ls
     images              files            readme.txt         picture.gif
[/michelle/home]$ cd images/
[/michelle/home/images]$ ls
     car.jpg                castle.jpg          redcar.jpg