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Xpenguins and the Esheep theme


Every desktop environment HAS to have a sheep which wanders around aimlessly in the background.

The esheep origionally started life as an enlightenment applicaiton. Unfortunately (annoying people) changed the underlying enlightenment stuff so the sheep no longer worked. As I was unable to work out how to keep my sheep walking in enlightement I moved to a way that esheep would be usable on every (well nearly every) desktop.

Then I found xpenguins. It's a fun little program which allows you to have penguins, little bills, lemings etc wandering around your screen. I just improved it a little bit ..

With a few hours sketching on my computer I came up with the cutest computer sheep EVER. Those of you who previously used windows (yuck) may recognise the design as it's based on the windows sheep. (Based on mind - no copying here - all drawn by me :) )

Ben Whittaker has done some great work recently in making the esheep do more than just walk - she now floats, falls, eats flowers, sleeps and rolls.

There's still lots I'd love the sheep to do exploding, reading, skatboarding, supperman sheep ...

So how do I use XPENGUINS with the ESHEEP THEME

1. Install xpenguins. (I use the adept package manager but you can also get it at the xpenguins website at )

2. Download a theme file (below) and put it in a folder called /usr/share/xpenguins/themes/Sheep. (Click here for instructions on how to create a folder)

3. Then start up xpeguins with the command $ xpenguins -t Sheep

I had a few problems using xpenguins with KDE. It seems that KDE doesn't automatically like programs which write to the root window. What to do is to go to control panel -> desktop -> behaviour and click on allow programs in desktop window.

The ESHEEP Theme

These are the two files that you will need for the origional esheep theme ...



However, this zip contains ALL the files you will need for Ben Whittaker's new and improved version ..


Just create a "Sheep" folder in /usr/share/xpenguins/themes and put all the files in there. 

The .tar.gz file you will need to unzip first - check out the how to use zips section for more info.