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Wine - Wine is not an emulator

Today I discovered wine.Wine logo

Not the half bottle of rose in my fridge, but Wine with a capital "W".

Wine stands for "windows is not an emulator". Bad joke isn't it? The wine developers have succumed to cheap alcohol related humour with their logo and entire website covered in alcohol related graphics. They are rather particular about how you write the name of the program aswell. Apparently it's Wine not WINE. It seems that recursive anacronyms are so last season.

Installing wine was easy - I just selected it in synaptic and clicked apply. Working out what to do with it once it was installed was more complicated.

(Again reading the documentation may have helped but life is too short)

I copied the program I wanted to use off my windows partition and into the "D directory" created by Wine. Supprisingly when I double clicked on it - it worked!

Woot - I now have World of War Craft running in linux using Wine. It actually works better than when I'm using windows - but that may have more to do with windows needing reinstalled ...